Friday, November 11, 2011

Reflections at a year

My Sweet Little Micah Man,

This year has flown by, it seems like just yesterday we were trying to learn about your likes and dislikes and today I can anticipate your curiosity and steer you in a new direction without a second thought.  You truly keep me on my toes.  You are even more active than your older brother was, which I did not think was possible, but you’ve proven me wrong.

Your smile and excitement to wake up nice and early every morning, have helped me wake up in a good mood most mornings.  I’ve cherished all our mornings together while the other boys slept.  Although I’m ready for you to start sleeping through the nights consistently, it would help me be a little more alert during our early mornings together.

Your determination astonishes me. You know what you want and don’t give up too easily.  You have a passion for stairs, and climbing anything.  This past month you mastered how to climb up and stand up on top of the little child sized table we have, in fact you were making your way to the window ledge when I caught you.  (Which is why your chairs are no longer near that table.)  Your eyes light up every time I forget to put the stepping stool away.  I’m certain you will love these mountains that surround us one day.  You equally love the tissue box, the ziplock bag box and opening and closing doors.

Some of your favorites things are:  pancakes, waffles, and bananas, The Very hungry caterpillar book, your K-State board book, going outside (in fact every morning you bring your shoes to whoever is taking your brother to school just hoping they will take you with them), you love rolling around on anything soft and have enjoyed wrestling with Calvin and Daddy, you literally try to climb into the bath tub when you hear the water going.  You enjoy playing cars and peek-a-boo.  And  you LOVE your pacifier, which we are trying to keep in your bed, but you’re a great at finding those that are MIA.

Despite the rough nights you’ve been having, you’ve napped well, which has been a blessing.  You allow me get the house picked up, work out, dinner prepped, and do some of my homework.  Thank you for those two little breaks every day.  You sometimes even request a nap.  On more than one occasion you’ve brought your sleep sack to me and then tried to put it on yourself if I was busy.

Your most recognizable word is “Mama” but you also say “Mo, mo” for more.  You continue to sign please, more and all done.  The rest you loudly vocalize what you want.  You love to give kisses and you love doing “konkey donkies”.

You melt my heart with your smile and quiet giggle.  How I wish you would giggle like that forever.  You are my solid little guy weighing 24# at a year.

You’re a blessing and I can’t imagine our family without you.

Love you sweet guy,

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