Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My Hungry Little Caterpillar {the party}

Since you only turn one once, I convinced Marvin that Micah needed his own party. More work I know, but he's worth celebrating. I kept it simple, in fact I couldn't find some of the decorations the morning of his party and I tried to not be disappointed about that. (I found them the next day.)

I choose the Hungry Little Caterpillar theme, because it's Micah's favorite book. He loves it and it's the book he always pulls off the shelf, plops down and flips through. He loves all those little holes and pages that flip so easily.

We had our usually Sunday get together so a few others added to our meal, which was such a blessing.

Our menu consisted of:
Chicken Salad Sandwiches and a few PBJs for the kids.
Sliced Veggies
Watermelon, Apples, Oranges, Plums

I'm sure all of you parents of small children can recognize which parts of our menu are from the book.

Of course we had cake. 1 big cake.
Thanks mom for the funfetti mix, it was perfect for this and the M&Ms the blue ones added a lot to this cake, also all the kids were very excited about eating candy with CAKE.

And a smash cake.

I only printed a couple dot to dot activity pages for the kids, in the spirit of going low key.

We brought out the cake, and someone was instantly interested.

We started singing, which really threw him off, but after the candle was out, boy was he excited.

He explored it a bit.

Then he discovered the delightfulness of sugar.

He dug in, but stuck mostly to the frosting.

We quickly ran a bath and removed the green caterpillar before it was tossed from his tray.

Our friends were so sweet to love Micah with a few presents. He's loving have a few new toys to the mix.

Lastly we handed out Micah's party favors, much to Calvin's delight.

I can't believe our little Caterpillar is ONE.
It's such a blessing to love on this little man.

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Carmen said...

I'm so impressed with your party planning! Way to go and be so creative and thoughtful!