Wednesday, November 09, 2011

4 Calvin


I caught a glimpse of you just yesterday and suddenly you seemed older, taller, and more mature. You’ve changed so much this past year. You’ve grown in every possible way. You’re now around 38# & 102 cm tall and your hair has turned wavy.

I’ve enjoyed your creativity and you remind me so much of myself as a child, especially your determinedness to create something. I love hearing you transform your projects and find things that they need. Almost every day I hear a request for an addition to your art box due to project you are working on.

Your play is so creative; you can transform anything into what you need and use it in your dramatic play. Right now you are pounding your brother’s musical melody pusher into the crack in the couch using a turtle as your hammer. It is serving as high rise parking for Lightening McQueen.

A large chunk of your day is spent as a super hero, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Green Lantern are usually the ones you choose. I’m amazed at how you’ve added so much life to these super heroes, because you’ve never once seen any of these shows.

You’re learning how to read and you enjoy our school time together. You love doing activities, which I love hearing you say btw. So far you know how to write your name and almost all the letters, just recently you have been very interested in writing your numbers. You love to say a few numbers and ask me what number it makes. You’re doing simple math and love doing sequences and patterns. You really love doing worksheet mazes too. I can tell we are going to have a lot of fun together in school.

What a helper you are becoming. You are very good at looking after your brother and keeping him from danger, which I’m very thankful for. You’ve really embraced being a big brother and do such a good job at loving your brother. You love to give him lots of hugs and kisses, even when he doesn’t really care for them.

You’ve really done well going to school every day. I’m so proud of you learning a new language and making friends there too. I’m not sure I could even do what you are doing now.

You love to figure things out on your own, which has now translated to even playing computer games, you’ve even mastered the touch pad, but you do ask for help when you need it. I love that sometimes the problem is already solved before I arrive. You’ve even surprised us by learning how to play a few games we thought you were years away from you learning.

It is required that all music must be LOUD and whether you are dancing or singing. I love sitting on the couch reading to you, how you could sit and read for hours. You love to retell stories and act them out, and you’re even doing this in another language.

Soccer is a favorite sport of yours right now, but love learning new ones, although you are pretty proud of mastering the drop kick. You run fast, play hard, and are fiercely competitive.

You’re becoming such a thoughtful little boy, wanting to make pictures for people, giving people presents, sharing your sweets. We’re praying that Father grips your heart and grows that passion to love others.

What a blessing it is to be your Mama. I want to bottle up your contagious laughter, your silly jokes, your wonderful bear hugs and cherish them forever. Thanks for being 4, and let’s take this year a little bit slower.

Hugs and Kisses,

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