Monday, November 21, 2011

No Bake Cookies

I made a few cookies the other day. 
Of the felt variety. 
They were so much fun to make.
I made two different batches.
Some local varieties since my friend’s daughter birthday is this week.

Of course it’s necessary to have an apron when you bake.  So I just had to make one.

Then I made a batch of American cookies.

My favorites are the sugar cookies.
Calvin loves the “Benjamin” (Gingerbread) cookies best.
What a fun project.  I may have to make a little bit more felt food in the near future.


kellie j. said...

Did you use a pattern for the apron? Maya's bday is coming up and I was thinking about getting her some play food/kitchen items and I hadn't thought of an apron but I LOVE the idea of that and some kitchen mitts (she's always trying to steal mine). CUTE idea with the felt cookies--are you machine stitching them? Do you have batting in between?

Erica said...
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Erica said...

Kellie I didn't use a pattern, just traced an apron I already had. The first apron I ever made I just took one of my aprons and looked at the shape and make a mini version. (Actually it was an apron I got when we were in your neck of the woods a long time ago.) If you didn't want to go to all that trouble I'm sure you could find one easily, surely someone has a free pattern available. I love making children's aprons, if you were closer I'd whip you up one. I didn't add batting to these, I thought about it and actually had it out ready to cut, but then decided it wasn't worth the effort. I machine stitched everything except the sprinkles. The chocolate chips were a test of my craft ADD. Calvin loves cookies, so these have been a big hit. Although I'm sure yMaya will not play with them the same way. Today he was fighting off the bad guys with his sword because they were stealing his cookies.