Saturday, November 05, 2011


I know I've mentioned about a 1,000 times how blessed we've been by skype, but it's because we are so thankful to be able to see our family. Going lots of years in between being able to physically hug our family is tough but skype makes a big difference.

I told my mom how convenient it was for them to send a birthday box for the boys in our family this year. (Not that we planned our family this way, but it does save on postage!) All the boys loved the things we received in the mail. We had such a great laugh with the magic tricks you sent, Calvin was amazed, even when he saw how they worked. What was particularly fun this year is that we had Calvin open his presents from my parents while Skyping with them, and my sister was even able to join them; it was like candy on cake. He particularly loves his new "Go Cats" shirt; it is immediately worn after it is dry and takes some coercing to allow me to wash it.

Micah loves his new fridge toy and he just finally figured out how to get the pieces in the proper place, he's pretty proud of himself. Thank you so much, it's given him something to do other than take everything out of the drawers he's not supposed to touch in the kitchen.

We were surprised to find yet another gift while waiting on the elevator last week I spotted an envelope that looked like it was from the US, and sure enough my sister sent the boys some birthday cards. Aunt Nat I'm not sure where you found Calvin's card but he LOVED it and loves his new pirate puppet.

If we don't have enough new things around our house we of course added our presents for the boys to the mix. Since Calvin's very into dressing up in his cape, and a high percentage of his day is spent as a superhero. I made him a few new superhero capes and masks, he was thrilled and it's been fun watching him transform into a hero who rescues princesses and saves the day.

For Micah we decided our littlest man needed some wheels, hopefully it will help keep a very active boy busy during the winter months, but for now our little dare devil is primarily using it as storage for anything and everything (the seat flips up), and as a stepping stool to reach objects out of his reach. We're trying to dissuade the latter.

I'm so thankful for the ability to love our kids through a few special things. Thank you Mom and Dad, and Nat for being so thoughtful. I hope our children find as much joy in giving someday as I do.

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