Thursday, May 19, 2011

Suitcases of surprises

My parents brought us a new toy. It's been fun to play around with it.

I haven't had too much time to read my list of tutorials on photography but I can't wait to learn how to take some beautiful pictures that will capture our family memories.

My parents also were our mules and hauled 3 suitcases of stuff to us and a car seat. (I think they were very thankful to lose the extra baggage on the way home.) They mostly brought clothing I ordered for the boys, and some I had left over from when Calvin was a baby. But they did bring us some unexpected surprises. We devoured the twizzlers, and reeces and they also brought some Dr. Pepper and 2 bottles of Squirt, which happens to be my most favorite soda. Mom brought me so much felt; I can't wait to do a few projects that require felt when I have some time. Thanks mom and Dad, you saved us a TON of money by bringing clothes for the boys.

Thank you Harry and Kathy for once again loving on the boys. We love all the new books; Calvin's been busy working on his new coloring book. I can't wait to take our new game outside this summer; it's been a bit too wet on our playground to give it a try outdoors yet.

Lacey thank you for loving us with your gifts. I loved the fabric and Calvin adores his new shirt. He had to wear it on Easter, the day after we gave it to him. Also the shirt you got for Micah has helped clothe our boy who is rapidly growing out of all his long sleeved clothing, and we're not quite to short sleeved weather yet. Thank you so much. You're such a thoughtful friend.

Grandpa and Grandma thank you so much for the cowboy hats. They are already worn daily. Thank you also for the books and clothes for the boys. You've blessed us so much.

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Amanda said...

I just got a new slr camera too. Maybe we can learn together! Let me know if you find any really good tutorials!