Monday, May 09, 2011

Mom and Dad in Nineveh

We were able to meet my parents in their stop over city and enjoyed some time touring. Both boys were troopers through our long hike all over the city.

Calvin was glued to my dad; the candy in his pocket helped to reinforce that connection.

Micah won their hearts instantly.

We enjoyed some yummy western food while we were there too. My parents traveled all the way around the world and the first place we take them to is McDonalds, classic. Thanks for humoring us.

We traveled back to Nineveh together. We're so glad we were able to travel with them. We tried out a new airport since tickets were almost half as much as it is to fly out of our city, and the plane was even a Boeing. It was a wonderful drive and a hassle free experience. Plus people were helpful and nice.

We ate a lot. They had to a taste of the local cuisine.

It was much different than their last trip, to the place where the boys were born. Grey pretty much sums up our city. They also got to experience our "beautiful" spring weather, grey, dreary and wet.

We showed them the places we frequently shop and eat.

Our neighbor's son got married.

They slaughtered a sheep outside our building.

They met some of our friends, saw where Marvin works and got to meet our language teacher.

We invited some friends over. They saw how much work it is to entertain, although thanks to my mom the dishes were done in record timing.

Were invited to a meal where they got to experience the big fat Greek wedding hospitality. Did I mention we ate a lot?

We went to the mountains.

They spent lots of hours playing cars with Calvin and game.

Micah spent a lot of time playing with Grandma and Grandpa too.

Decorated Eggs and made some cookies. Mom got to see Calvin's love for sprinkles.

Celebrated Easter.

Then had to say goodbye.

That never gets easier.

Thanks for coming mom and dad. We loved having you, Calvin's already talking about the next time you come to his house.

(Oh and dad our neighbor slaughtered another lamb this past weekend.)

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