Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poop mountain.

We took my parents on a little excursion outside of town to the mountains. We stopped by the Blue Lakes, had some lunch then drove on up to some ruins of an old city.

It was cold so I stayed in the van with Micah while the rest of them hiked up to one of the old defense fortresses. 

There were lots of cows, and sheep. They even woke up the shepherd who was sleeping behind a rock. Marvin had a great chat with a slightly inebriated shepherd then they kept on going. 

Micah had great time playing in the van then it was time to feed him, so while I'm feeding himthere was a knock on the window and Marvin's shepherd friend is standing there. Talk about awkward, but he didn't care. I had a nice chat before he made his way further down the road where he stopped to rest again.

So we were telling our friends how we went to the mountains, and Calvin piped up and said. "Yeah we didn't go to the Snow Mountains; we went to the Poop Mountains." He's requested the next time we go we go to the Snow Mountains instead. Apparently he wasn't a fan of dodging poop the way up and down.

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