Sunday, May 08, 2011

Being a Mom and having a mom

Marvin left today for a weeklong trip out of the country. So I'm hanging solo with the boys this week. I'm really praying that it will be a good week, filled with wonderful memories. This morning I was praying for patience and asking Father to give me a willingness to set aside the dishes or cleaning and say yes to a few more requests this week. I've found myself recently saying no a whole lot more than I should and would love to work on it. When I look back on these precious years I don't want to remember having a clean house, but instead the hours playing legos, the countless candy land games, the wonder and discoveries found in the great outdoors. So I'm going to work on some balance because the other stuff is important and necessary but I want to be intentional to play with my kids too. This mom stuff is tough to figure out sometimes.

My parents came a few weeks ago and it was great having them here. I am a little jealous of all of you out there who regularly have these visits built into you lives. The little things were the BIGGEST blessings. Like how my mom did almost all my dishes, THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM, I really loved the break in dish department.

There's just something about having your mom close that is comforting. Mom you blessed me tremendously, thank you for loving the boys, playing games with them, holding a fussy baby, moping my floor, you truly gave me a break and one that was very timely.

I'm so grateful that my parents made the long trip to come visit us. It was a blissful 2 weeks. Since we live so far away from our family it makes us treasure our time with them when we are together.

So today I'd like to thank both our moms who decided to support us on this journey and to embrace how they can be a part of their grandchildren's lives rather than be sad and distant. I know it's not easy, and I know it's not a relationship you had envisioned when you became a grandmother. All the skype calls, the cards, the emails, the packages, the long flights to come and see us are so appreciated. We feel blessed to call you our moms.

Happy Mother's Day. We love you!

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Jamie said...

Beautiful. So glad it was a sweet visit. Happy Mommy Day to you, too!