Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Wow, time has flown, but I love every piece of our 6 month Micah man.

Micah's settled into a good groove as far as naps, FINALLY!!! Unfortunately these must be done at home in a quiet apartment, easier said than done friends. But he occasionally surprises us and naps well in the Ergo or stroller, the trick is to keep him asleep long enough for a good nap.

He's sitting pretty well, and still topples occasionally. Mostly to the front, when he face plants as he is attempting to reach a toy a little bit beyond his reach.

He loves, loves, loves his crinkly books, chewing on the links, and sitting up.

He started chillin' in his high chair while I prepare dinner, or while we eat meals. The first time I set him in there I just couldn't believe he was old enough for it.

He's starting to get his belly off the ground more, and soon will be rocking on his hands and knees.

He's the splashing king, and loves it when he splashes himself in the face with water.

He adores his big brother. Calvin can really get him giggling by just dancing and singing. So sweet.

He however did not enjoy the Metro during rush hour, while we were visiting a big city. So thankful for our quiet little city.

He loves being held and walked around. He's still logging some Ergo hours each day while I get house work done.

He's my bouncing boy, he loves to bounce on my lap, maybe we should buy that Jonny jump up after all.

Almost every meal this past month where he's sitting in his high chair he watches intently while we ate.

Still revolts every time I clean out his nose, a daily task, and when it comes time to getting dressed.

And for the records he's 19#s and 27.25 inches long

Has the sweetest puppy dog eyes and such kissable cheeks, don't you agree?

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