Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Since spring appeared a few weeks ago, I receive flowers almost every day. Usually they look something like this:

And to be honest I love them and a baby food jar works perfectly for their vase. It's okay to be jealous.

Since we're on the topic of dandelions, this week we were on a walk and all of a sudden Calvin finally spotted a white dandelion, the kind you can blow, and with so much excitement and wide eyes said "I knew it! I knew they'd be here!" They've added so much excitement to our walks.

A while back I asked Marvin if he could put up a few more shelves on our balcony off of our kitchen. Since we weren't sure if our landlord would sell our apartment we held off on a few projects like these. But guess what this girl got for Mother's Day, the best gift ever, shelves. **This weirdness is not new when I was 10, I didn't request any toys for my birthday but a day bed.** 

To further show how weird I am Marvin also put up a new shower holder, now we can take showers like normal people and don't have to hold the sprayer. I am still pretty pumped about these two additions. Thanks for rocking my Mother's Day this year honey.

Apparently shelves and a new shower aren't enough presents; the boys outdid themselves this year and brought home the most beautiful Calla Lilies are, they are such a beautiful unique flowers.

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