Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Investing in our family

Marvin finally was able to pick out his Christmas present, a TENT and a few supplies that we need to go camping. Now anyone who knows me knows I am not a camper, in fact when presented with this option I would decline every. single. time. However we have two little boys, and I have a husband who also adores the great outdoors. When I think about Calvin having the opportunity to tromp around in the mountains, getting excited over sleeping in a tent, it changes my attitude. So I'm actually excited to camp as a family. Here's to lots of family memories!

Marvin was so excited (although if you asked him, he say he did it for Calvin) he had to set it up in our living room, well only half way it's a pretty big tent with a neat set up. Two seperate sleeping rooms and a little space in the middle where you can stand up and put a few things. We hope to make our first family camping trip the end of this month.

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