Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter 2011

It was so fun to have my parents here for Calvin's first Easter where he can really understand much. Rewind a few months and his favorite bible story was the empty tomb. He was glued to it. So this year I really wanted to do resurrection rolls with him. We had friends over for dinner and decided to just do it with them too. He was pretty impressed and loved seeing the empty tomb. I hope that will be a tradition we keep for a while.

Easter morning we had an early gathering with other foreigners in town. It was a great time and glad to celebrate together. I'm glad my parents could meet so many of our ex pat friends too.

The rest of Easter was pretty mellow, after we spent some time resting and my parents packed, Calvin hunted for eggs. Mom and Calvin had fun doing a few Easter crafts on Saturday, and they had a few practice egg hunts so he had some experience under his belt when it came time to the eggs that mattered. Calvin enjoyed all the goodies inside the eggs and oddly hasn't asked about them as much as I thought he would.

I made ham and kept everything very simple. The last think I wanted to do was to slave in the kitchen on their last day here. My parents brought us some jello so we could make my favorite jello ever, Rainbow jello. For some reason a holiday with my family is not complete unless you have some sort of jello involved. It was a good way to end their time with us.

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