Wednesday, May 18, 2011

7 times as sweet

How can it be that Micah is already 7 months old? It seems like just yesterday we were just getting to know this little man and today I know so much about his likes and dislikes.

He's certainly an active baby; he does not stop moving until he falls asleep.

He's sitting like a champion now and even lunging out and getting on his hands and knees.

The boy desperately wants to crawl….forward that is. His attempts usually get him the opposite direction but he's getting SO close.

He loves to stand and is very, very close to pulling himself up to a stand, he can already pull himself to his knees.

He loves bath time. Today he almost lunged out of my arms to get to the water, like I said he's a squirmy one.

He got to celebrate his ½ birthday by meeting grandpa and grandma T. They loved his little kissable cheeks as much as we do.

He also showed them his happy tongue. He generally sticks out his tongue and smirks when he's having a good time.

He devoured his first taste of baby cereal, and so far has loved bananas, pears, and carrots. He's not sure what to think of avocado.

He loves his jonny jump up. Loves it even more when his brother is dancing in the living room and he's in his jumper.

Started saying "Ba, ba, ba, ma, ma, ma" when he wants to be picked up.

As wiggly as he is, he still loves to be held and walked around.

His hair is starting to grow.

Finally he's topping the scale at 21#s and 28 3/4 inches long.

I'm savoring this sweet little 7 month old.

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Michelle said...

What a cutie! And seriously, 21 pounds? He's as big as Lane!