Friday, August 01, 2014

Adventures South of the Border

Since our letters of invitations took forever we ran into a little hitch, a time crunch between our Turkish visas expiring and the amount of time it takes to receive new Ninevite visas.  So we explored options of other places where we knew we could apply for our visas.  We ruled out Ukraine, due to obvious reasons, so the next best option was Georgia.  We found housing and were on our way.

We were so impressed by the culture and the history.  There are lots of old monasteries and churches in Tbilisi. 

Unfortunately, Judah was teething, the boys were sick, and when we did go out and try to explore the city it was a little disastrous.  However we did manage a trip to the zoo that was delightful.
So instead we enjoyed flying through multiple homeschool lessons, going to the park near our house, playing with the little neighbor girl, and eating at Wendy’s multiple times….more and that later.


Old Sulfur Baths are still operating


But Marvin was able to get out a bit more, he even took a bus to Stalin’s hometown and toured the museum there and then visited some caves cities near there.

What I loved about Tbilisi was friendliness of the people, being able to communicate again….ahhhh it’s a beautiful thing.  We enjoyed tasting the food, and seeing the cultural love for reading (you can buy used books near all the metro stops).  Plus there were lots of fun sculptures all over the city.
How can you not smile when you walk past this guy?


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