Saturday, August 09, 2014

Small Town America {the County Fair}

We decided it would be fun for the boys to enter a few things into the county fair this year, since we would be back for it. It’s the third year we’ve been able to attend in a row and what a treat for our boys.  They loved it.

Calvin entered banana bread,

a quilling art project,
and some wildflowers.


Micah entered fudge,

 a handprint painting,
and wildflowers. 
That little stinker won grand champion with his wildflowers.  Marvin was sure to wake up and find all the purple flowers that they picked on the counter too.  It shows how much we knew about floral arrangements.

They both had fun doing their projects themselves and the second I would try to offer assistance, Calvin was quick to remind me that he had to do it all himself.

 We got to see our nieces show their sheep and see all their exhibits. 
My parents came down and saw the boys’ exhibits, we went to the petting zoo together and then they stayed for the parade.


We enjoyed our share of fair food this year, one day they even had crispitos, which brought back memories of one of the most popular meal when I was in high school.  I of course could not resist ordering it, and perhaps that was a memory better not revisted?!?!  it was fine just not as awesome as I remember them J.  But maybe the cooks at EHS know the right way to make a crispito.


The last few years as we’ve sat down to eat our dinner at the picnic tables on Monday night a band has been playing country music, the sun is lowering in the sky and the weather is just gorgeous.  People are not in a hurry and are chatting with their neighbors or family and it is one of those moments where I see what we are missing raising our boys overseas. 
We are a part of a very different community, one not better than the other, just very different from one another.  So in moments like this I choose to give thanks that we’ve been able to give them a taste of a Kansas childhood.   I know it will make a different impression on their childhood years, but we hope our Kansas roots will somehow be transferred to our third culture kids.

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