Thursday, August 07, 2014

Lemonade Stand

If my mom wasn’t busy enough after the wedding she decided to have a garage sale, because she thought I might be of some help.  I was able to help her a little, but not much, she did 99% of the work.  Those things are a lot of work, but from the look of the piles it seemed like everyone got rid of a lot of things.

Calvin set up a little lemonade stand and sold cookies as well. 
We learned he’s quite the little salesman, the boy made $30.  He would go up to anyone and ask them if they wanted some lemonade or cookies., certainly not shy at all and loves people so he was in his element.  Thanks mom for helping him get his lemonade stand all set up and giving him this American experience, you know the next time we're in the states he's going to beg you to have a garage sale :).

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