Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Rehearsal Dinner

We went back to the states for my brother’s wedding in June and my parents hosted the rehearsal dinner.  So my sister and I offered to decorate, much to my little brother’s hesitation, we went ahead with our plans and it turned out beautifully thanks to Jess!  (There was no way we could have done it without you.)

The meal was BBQ ribs, pulled pork and sides and it was held in an old train depot.  So we went with the burlap and lace décor. 
I spent my entire birthday crafting and getting everything ready for this little event, a fun way to spend your 33rd birthday, literally everything for this was done the day before.  I guess that is what happens when you fly in just before three days before the big day.

So on to the details.................

We covered my mom’s picnic basket with burlap and added some doileys and tea towels for the bread.  (It was fun bringing in some of those special items we remembered from growing up into this event.)


I painted an old shelf my parents had with chalkboard paint for the All you need is Love and a little BBQ.




We had little chalkboards for our labels of the meats and little buckets (Target dollar bin a year ago) to hold the different sauces.


The tables were covered with table cloths then a burlap strip and in the middle a doily made by my late grandmother.  We had three mason jars per table and I just love the how the purple flowers added a pop of color to the tables. 

My mom spend hours getting the silverware all wrapped up.  Just a doily wrapped around a napkin, silverware and in our case a wet one tied with a piece of twine.  Thanks mom!


I made a few buntings.  Doileys and a fringe one.  I couldn’t help it.


The dessert and drink table turned out pretty cute. 

We had a Call Hall Ice cream bar with a few fun toppings for dessert.  (Kansas State University's very own ice cream.)

It was a lot of work especially when I was jet lagging, but I am thankful I had the opportunity to love on my brother and his beautiful wife.  Thanks for humoring me little brother and thanks Mom and Natalie, Marvin and Jess for the help to pull it together.

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