Friday, August 08, 2014

The Fourth of July 2014

What a treat to be back for the 4th of July again this year.  Who would have ever guessed we’d be back three in a row?!?!


The boys love fireworks and my dad loaded them up with a huge box of pops. 
They had fun shooting a few off at my parents’ house the day of the 4th with the neighbor kids.  A favorite were the parachutes and rolling the scooter over the line of pops was a close second.


Usually my mom’s family gets together on the 4th at my grandparents farm.  It’s something I looked forward to every year. 

We got to shoot off the big fireworks, hang out with our cousins from out of state, eat lots of yummy food and watch a beautiful sunset as the lightening bugs came out to play. 

There is just something sweet about watching my kids enjoy shooting off fireworks in the same driveway where I did as a girl that is incredibly comforting


As we were driving back to my parents’ house afterwards I almost lost it because it will be our last 4th of July at the farm in a long time.  We have no trips planned to KS during the summer months for the next several years. L


Like all of us my grandparents are aging.  My grandmother is still very healthy, sharp as anyone and still stunningly beautiful, but my grandpa has struggled with dimensia the past few years.  It breaks my heart seeing him frustrated because he can’t remember.  I don’t expect him to remember me when we come to visit, we have eternity for that, I just pray he finds peace and a hobby in this state of disorientation. 
So the future of how long they are still hosting the 4th of July get together is uncertain.  So until next time I’ll treasure these memories close to my heart.

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