Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Aaron and Tamara’s big Day

What a blessing it was to be a part of my little brother’s big day. 

Despite a few glitches, you know the part of me not reading the reading I was supposed to read, they were still married.  Tamara looked gorgeous and it was such a treat to get to meet her side of the family.



Unfortunately in the haste of the day I didn’t snap hardly any pictures, I snagged many of these off of their FB page.  The ones we did snap were done quickly and with tired children. 

blurry but captures how Judah felt about the reception.  Inwardly Marvin was feeling the same way too.

Here’s our not so perfect family photo. 
I love it because it captured our evening.  Shortly after this I had a sleeping boy snuggled in the Ergo on my chest, another little boy with his head on my lap and a third little boy curled up on the floor behind Marvin’s chair.  Jet lag caught them, thankfully they were pleasant and did a great job in their ring bearer duties.  (In which they were promptly rewarded for with a trip to Target to pick out whatever toy they wanted right after we finished pictures.  Bribing in this case worked like a charm J.)


Dinner was delicious, the cake was especially yummy.  I had so much fun catching up with all my relatives, I table hopped after my boys left for the hotel.  Unfortunately my shoes rubbed my feet raw so my dancing was very limited.


It was worth all the saving it took to make sure we were there for their big day.  We wished we could have popped up the road to be a part of our nephew and his new wife’s big day as well, we were so sad they were on the same day.  But regardless we are rejoicing in these new marriages.  Marriage is such a sweet gift, it takes some work, but completely worth it.

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