Sunday, August 03, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten 2014

Calvin pushed through and we finished school this year on June 18th.  We did a little extra this year to get through two levels of Math and I wanted to get through as much of our phonics program we could.  Calvin is reading really well and he’s devouring books.  Something that makes me really happy.  He still enjoys school and has an appetite for learning that I am praying will remain in him the rest of his education.


School seems to come easier to him than it ever did to me.  He catches on quickly and busy work is not his friend.  We’ve had to skip a bunch of Saxton’s worksheet because he has the skills and became bored with it.  There were only a couple of math concepts that we had to review a second time, the rest of them he caught on after the first instruction.
I am so proud of this little guy.  We both learned a lot about each other this first year of school.  It was a privilege to teach this guy and watch him learn. 

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