Monday, August 04, 2014

Seth's 2nd Birthday

Seth’s birthday also falls on Children’s day in the country we live in, since we moved to a new building none of our neighbors knew that we had lost a child.  It hadn’t come up in conversation with any of them, but thought it would be fun to bake something to bring to neighbors in his memory.  So I made some sugar cookies and some delicious strawberry icing and brought them around to our neighbors and explained what a special day it was for our family.


I was so thankful I did that and was so grateful that our new neighbors know that about our family now.


We decided to go on a picnic, but there had been a lot of rain in our area and several roads had washed out, so we had to turn around and find a new picnic spot and the one we found was pretty awesome.


The boys had so much fun running around, climbing on boulders, finding rocks, etc.

This guy had fun with a plastic cup.  It sure was fun having him around this year.


I had fun picking some wildflowers.  There are so many beautiful ones in our mountains.



Marvin worked on getting our fire going and dinner cooked.


About the time we sat down to eat the clouds started rolling in and the wind picked up.  We ate quickly and then packed up forgoing plans for smores and lighting the lantern we brought with us.
  We got everything loaded just as the thunder and lighting and rain moved in. 


When we got home we washed up some dirty little boys, sang happy birthday and enjoyed some cake. 
It was a sweet family day, the perfect way to spend Seth’s birthday.  I am sure this day will always be hard, but we want to celebrate the fact that the Lord gave us an amazing gift when he placed Seth in our life and I hope as a family we can continue to celebrate that year after year.  Even if my heart hurts a little as that number continues to grow. 


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