Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Eventful Easter 2014

When we received our new visas this spring the next available bus was not until Sunday, Easter Sunday. 

We had already been away from home just a week shy of 3 months and we all were ready to get home, even if that meant we would travel on Easter Sunday.  So we bought tickets.

We had a little fun dying eggs and enjoyed eating them Easter morning.  I bought the boys a few Kinder eggs to hide.  They had fun with that, and it goes to show that you don't have to have a big elaborate egg hunt to make a child's day.  I was really wishing I had our resurrection eggs this year, but didn’t forsee us being away from home on Easter or else I would have put them in our bag.  I really missed doing it this year.

We had attended an international church while we were waiting on our visas and they had a kids program.  Calvin loves, loves, loves Sunday School, Wednesday night church etc, so he was thrilled to have a class he got to go to.  They were preparing a song to sing at the Easter service and Calvin wasted no time learning it.  He was worried we wouldn’t be there for Easter, so when we found out what time our bus left we decided it would be best for me to take the boys to Church and Marvin would go ahead and bring our bags.

Calvin did a great job with his song and the service was a gift.  It was so fun sitting in a room full of people from all over the world.  A little taste of heaven.

We grabbed some subway sandwiches the day before and had a bite to eat before our bus left, then began the long drive through the mountains.

Both boys got sick, why is I always forget they get motion sick after I have fed them?!?!  So we were all on puke alert at the slightest cough, or noise they made, but thankfully they both eventually fell asleep.

Just a year ago foreigners were not allowed to pass through this border but recently they opened it, so we were the first to test this out.  Maybe it’s the reason why Marvin got to have a nice long conversation with the folks at passport control.  We all waited nervously for him to come out and join the rest of us.  Thankfully about an hour and a half later he came out.

It was a memorable Easter, and one we will never forget.  We are so thankful to be back in Nineveh, and so thankful for the visas we had been given.

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