Tuesday, July 22, 2014


When we returned to Nineveh we had rented a one bedroom apartment to store our things, and well most of it was taken up by our things, so if living in a one bedroom apartment wasn’t already cramped we added a bunch of stuff to make it even more cramped. 

We also discovered that the toilet broke, while we were in the states so we had to haul buckets of water to the toilet any time we needed to flush.  Knowing it was only temporary made it a little easier, and knowing how other friends have to use outhouses in the winter time helped me deal with the buckets a little better.

We decided to wait to find a place until we had visas to live in Nineveh long term.  We anticipated starting Marvin’s work visa paperwork when we returned, but the lingering New Year’s holiday made it impossible to finish before our visas expired.  So instead of finding a new place, we exited the country and waiting for visas.

When we returned thankfully we were able to find a new place rather quickly.  You have no idea how thankful I was to find a dust free, clean, spacious place with a working toilet.  I now understand why all my friends are always outside, and go on walks frequently.

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