Monday, May 03, 2010

It's still there....... love for aprons that is! My friend had a birthday this weekend and I was thinking through what to give her and thought about making her an apron. I had a little steam left in me one evening and after browsing through a few apron sites I found this apron and loved a few features about it. This would be the sweetest little girl's apron and I have and the perfect color combo in my head.

But of course it's not me to copy something without putting my own twist on it. I loved the gathered skirt but I wanted it a little more fitted top and a little longer than the inspiration photo. I cut 2 bodice pieces 9 1/2 inch long by 22 inches (I was running short of fabric so to make the most out of what I had so I cut my fabric so that the bottom of the bodice was on the selvage. This way I didn't have to hem this part. I'd recommend cutting your first piece 10 1/2 inches so that you'll have plenty of room for a hem.)

details of gathered skirt apron

Since I'm more of a curved line girl rather than a straight line girl, I then took both pieces of the bodice with them right sides together, folded them in half and added a scoop neck. From the end of the scoop I measured over about 2 1/2 inches for the neck strap, then also scooped out the top corners for the arm holes. (I first held it up to myself to figure out how far to cut.) Since this was a gift I wanted it to be adjustable so I used a halterish neck tie and an traditional tie back rather than the adorable straps in my inspiration photo.

I gathered the skirt using a basting stitch and then pulling it manually (oh how how I'd love to find a gathering foot someday). I of course had already hemmed the sides and bottom of the apron skirt. Next I sewed my bodice scooped neck and arm "holes" leaving the bottom open as well as where my ties attached. I then enclosed my straps in the bodice, ironed and pinned it shut. Lastly I tucked the skirt in the bottom end of the the bodice, and pinned it shut. Sewing a seam around the entire bodice.

gathered take two

I imagine if you've read everything till now you actually know what I'm talking about, so go ahead I dare you create your own, but make sure you send me a picture.

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love all the curves you put in it - the rounded pockets, the waist line! It's fantastic!