Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joining the Ranks

Marvin and I feel we've finally been initiated in the the parenting club, we experienced the middle of the night cleaning up vomit/hold your child while they get sick thing. I have a whole new appreciation for our moms. Just want to say thanks for taking care of us when we were sick growing up. Marvin and I are grateful. I also learned how much love it takes to clean up that nasty stuff at 3 a.m. (Thanks honey.)
After a long night the sickness continued into the day. The poor thing was miserable yesterday, he spent most of the day in my arms, or laying on the couch. Thankfully our sweet teammates brought us some food for the little man, Marvin had to go out of town before any stores opened and of course I had planned on a grocery run later in the day, which meant I didn't have much in the house. I am so thankful they brought a few items over. They seriously rock.

We're just about through with all the laundry that were casualties from the stomach bug, now if it would only dry. Every available cabinet is open and holding sheets and blankets that have been washed.

Thankfully Calvin's back to his old self, he's been quite busy today playing, playing, playing. His appetite starting is coming back, and I'm thankful I haven't heard "Mama my bummy (tummy) hurts" all day long.


Lacey said...

Poor Calvin! Please give him a big hug for us! The Bummy Flu is no fun!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I'm so sorry he isn't feeling well!