Sunday, April 25, 2010

Help....from all my cloth diapering fellow moms

So our cloth diapers were wonderful in America, you know the place with dryers that aren't ridiculously expensive. Little did I know that one wash here and they would turn into sandpaper. Part of the reason we pushed toilet training was that it was becoming impossible to change Calvin's diapers, he flat out refused to wear his cloth diapers, and I don't blame him. I've tried all sorts of things to soften them up, fleece liners, extra rinses, vinegar rinses, etc. and after they line dry they turned out with the same sandpaper texture. It's frustrating because I really like them. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Since getting a dryer is not an option right now (for one the heavy price tag and two where in the world would we put the thing) we're looking into ordering some new diapers for this next little one. (Really cloth diapering isn't too bad, this is coming from a girl who swore I'd never use them.) So we're stuck trying to figure out what we should order. I'm looking at the all in one/one size diapers. I've narrowed it to two diapers.

Bum Genius or Fuzzi Buns One size. Any suggestions? Anyone use these? Here are my thoughts:

I like how the bum genius seem to be more compact and from what I've read clothes tend to fit better. I like the velcro, but I also don't like the velcro. It's a pain to remember to close it when washing and if you don't all your diapers stick to each other and sometimes sticks to the diapers or wipes too. Also velcro isn't as durable and they may not hold up to another child. And they look a bit on the small side. I tried one on Calvin and it still fit him but he's also not a large child for his age, he still fits into size 4 diapers and he's 2 1/2.

What I like about the fuzzy bunz diapers is that they have snaps instead of the velcro. They seem bigger so they might fit longer. They seem soft when line drying since they are lined with fleece. Can anyone attest to this?

So there you go, that's what we're pondering as we think through things we need for this newest little blessing. Thanks for helping and if you know of someone with an opinion about either one people send them over and have them give us some advice. Thanks WFMW for the help.

and P.S. I must confess I totally gave up on potty training Calvin, my stomach just couldn't handle it, we'll wait till I stop gagging all day long. We're totally doing disposables right now and I'm okay with that.


Mrs. Mommie Strain said...

i found you from works for me Wednesday and I have both BUm Genius and fuzzi bunz. I like the bum genius better because you dont have to stuff them they are just like a sposie only cloth, I hate inserting the inserts in my fuzzi bunz but the bum genuis seem to take longer to dry on the line. I only line dry my diapers.i bought some insert diapers off line that were really cheap in price but seem to be the same quality as the fuzzi bunz. They are snap or Velcro.. I like the Velcro better , I have two little ones in diapers my 2 yr old boy is a hoss and my 3month old baby is a preemie and only about 10lbs.. so i can use them on both babies. and the bum genius have laundry tabs to Velcro the tabs so they dont stick to everything in the wash. and my 2 yr old i have to put them on backwards or he takes them off either Velcro or snap ones and the bum genius makes this easier cause changing that boy who REFUSES to potty train is like wrestling a alligator. any way i hope this helps..i prefer my b.g's.

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

I have only the bum genius, and I like them, except that it's harder to tell when they're wet than with the old bumkins that I can't find anymore. Can't help you on the fuzzi bunz--don't have any of those.

mrsstrickland said...

Hiya. I found ya from a friend of mine. We have used both the BGs AIO and OS, and currently use the FB pockets. I LOVE my FBs the best. The problem I had with the BG AIO was that my fisrtborn was a HEAVY wetter, so he was always leaking. They leak at the velcro. The velcro also picks up EVERYTHING... mine get so much hair/lent/who knows what in them that I have to take a toothpick and clean them out every few months, and that takes forever!

I love my FBs. We have the pockets, not the OS, but they work very well. I like that I can choose how many inserts to put in them, so for naps/bedtime, we put two. During the day, we use one. They are really not that bad to unstff too, since the inserts get heavy, you can pick up the diaper by the side that is closed, and shake it over the washer and the insert comes out.

I have mainly the old style ones, but the new style ones are MUCH bigger. The new style smalls fit (too tight, but still fit) my 36 lb toddler! (hubby put it on him on accident). I have a few in large (old stlye) that fit the toddler great.

Good luck with your decision!

The Halbert Home said...

Found you on WFMW. I am talking with friends who cloth diaper as I try to decide what to do for our future baby and my friend uses Bum Genius. She said her only complaint with them is that the velcro started to come off after about 1 year of use and she had to sew it back on.