Monday, April 19, 2010

The BIG Offenders

I’m trying so hard not to complain. I am thrilled to have this little one growing inside me, but man I am ready to not be sick all the time. My heart truly breaks for sweet friends who would give anything to feel this sickness. So I’m bearing through it, thankful that one day it will end, and we’ll get to meet this little blessing.

Our latest doctor’s appointment went well and I was able to hear the results of my blood work. Everything was normal except my thyroid test, apparently I have an overactive thyroid, which my doctor told me is fairly common in pregnancy. For many women this leads to a lot of nausea and weight loss. Here in a couple of weeks I’ll have another blood test done and hopefully it will be back in the normal range. So this can explain part of the reason why the sickness is more intense this time around. Thankfully I haven’t gotten sick for almost a whole week. I don’t think anyone enjoys getting sick, I certainly don’t and can’t wait for it to stop. I cannot imagine those who have it much worse than this pregnancy, I'm so sorry!

The biggest things that set me off are smells and tastes. Some things just send me gagging in an instant. One smell that usually does it is clean laundry smells. This would not be so bad if we had a dryer, but we hang our clothes up to dry inside and some days it’s just overpowering. I’ve already cut back on the soap but the dilemma now is go without fabric softener and have stiff clothes that almost stand up, or become overwhelmed by the smell. Both not fun options, because I HATE putting on stiff socks, it seriously makes my skin crawl.

So for now I’ll continue to try to eat, I’m really tired of bread & crackers, and I hope this passes quickly. I’ve made through 6 weeks of this and hoping I have only a few more weeks of not feeling well all day long. This week is my last week in the 1st trimester and I'm really hoping things turn around soon.

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