Friday, April 23, 2010

The big 30

Nope not what your thinking, Calvin finally hit 30 lbs. I picked him up yesterday and thought oh my goodness you're a chunk, I immediately went and weighed him. We have noticed he has grown but since I can't remember how tall he was at his 2 year check up I don't know how much he has grown. He's currently 35 inches tall (or 89 cm.). He's certainly turning into a fun little boy.

He's at that stage where he is starting to get jokes. We received an email from a friend who suggested Phil if it was a girl and Laura if it was a boy. He just started laughing and said, Mom Laura is a girl's name. It's been fun to joke around with him lately.

His language is exploding right now (one of my favorite developmental periods) and he busts out with words we didn't know he knew. Today after lunch he was playing with the magnets on the fridge and told me they were his passport and tried so hard to get his passport in his pocket. Too funny, guess it goes to show what's relevant in his world.

We were able to get out of the house yesterday and visit some friends in town we haven't seen since February. Calvin had so much fun playing outside and trying to figure out how to pedal a bike. I know he'll have plenty of time this summer to figure it out and we're hoping to go shopping for one tomorrow.

And since it's been a while since we posted a video. Here's some live action from our little veggie tales lover. And yes this is his stage that he must have in this exact position any time he listens to veggie tales.

Oh and speaking of veggies, the little man now loves GREEN BEANS. I never thought it was possible or that I'd hear him ask for more green beans at dinner. Funny how those taste buds change, glad we were persistent and keep giving him things he normally doesn't touch.

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Jennifer said...

hey Erica, I'm glad you guys made it back and are settling in. I love that video! Calvin looks taller even to me! hope we can keep in touch, and maybe we will see you again!