Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hold the awards

Well this week I had one of those days where I certainly was far from winning any mom of the year contests. We had been couped up inside for several days due to rain, and since it was just overcast and barely sprinkling I decided it would be great to take a little walk. I should have known better to have a purpose for our little walk, since Calvin was just dying to get outside and piddle, so our walk was far from ideal.

The whole time Calvin just wanted to play and I had another agenda, get to the store and back home. So we slowly made our way to the store, poor Calvin endured the wrath of his mama's tongue the whole way there. Here's what you would have heard, "Stop picking up rocks, stay out of the mud, don't splash in the big puddles, hurry along, we don't have time to "fish" right now, come on hold my hand a car is coming, Calvin keep moving." Get the picture, the poor guy just wanted to play.

Once we got home I was looking forward to resting during nap time. I hadn't been feeling so great and finally fell asleep and guess who woke up early, with a stinky diaper. Nice. My attitude was far from sweet and was seriously annoyed.

The rest of the afternoon he was literally begging me to play with him. Coming over and giving me hugs and kisses, bringing me books. I felt awful in more ways than one. It's amazing how much love that little guy can give in a day. I was literally about two seconds shy of getting sick and he comes over and just pats my back. Seriously I wanted to cry, he had already forgotten how ugly I was to him in the morning. I'm learning a lot about what forgiveness means from our sweet little two year old. I also have been learning a lot about what it looks like to love a two year old and how selfish my heart is. I do treasure this time in our lives and want to be a mom to builds our kids up. I have so much to learn and I'm thankful for the wisdom of Father to guide me in this precious task.

P.S. Our walk today went much better!

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Carrie said...

Thanks for that Erica. I am so often shoving Caden out the door rushing him here or there... It's a good reminder to slow down and see the world through a toddler's point of view. You are a fantastic mommy, and an encouragement to me. Congratulations, by the way, on your new little one. I never got around to posting a comment or replying on facebook. We are really excited for you guys, and happy to be expecting at the same time :) maybe some day we will actually be able to get these little ones together!! Love you guys.