Monday, May 10, 2010

Love It!

While we were out on our visa run I picked up the most adorable fabric at the bazaar in hopes to transform it into some cute summer skirts that can accommodate my growing belly. I had the best time being overwhelmed by the selections. It truly was a hunt to find the best fabric as they had tables of pre cut fabric piled on top of each other. I would have stopped to take a few pictures but I was too busy finding the perfect fabric. I loved it, but to a non fabric lover it must have looked like a mess. I found some great deals and I'm so glad I ventured to the bazaar as everything was much cheaper than any fabric store I have stepped into since leaving America.

So far all my normal clothes are still fitting, so I haven't felt pressured to sew them yet. It was VE day this weekend and Saturday we stayed close to home to be on the safe side. So it was the perfect day to turn this fabric into some adorable summer skirts. However I only finished one, I always think I can accomplish more than I truly can during nap time, somehow I haven't quite figured that out. I made the Lilly Skirt and it was so easy. I had so much fun sewing with elastic tread for the 1st time. It was so easy, not as intimidating as once thought, so watch out world I have a new skill. I'm hoping to bust out another skirt today, since I don't have language tomorrow.

So here's the picture of my first summer skirt and my first "belly" picture, the waist of the skirt added a little to the "baby belly", but I don't really mind one bit. I'm 4 months along (16 weeks)and feeling better but the nausea still hasn't dissipated entirely, thankfully I want to eat now, you have no idea how much of a blessing that is.

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Jennifer said...

Cute skirt! You're so talented! Honestly, it did look kind of like a mess to me at the pazar. I didn't even know where to begin to look!