Saturday, May 29, 2010


I've been wondering this week why I just can't have a normal pregnancy. Last weekend I started to have some contractions, nothing major they don't hurt, and I'm almost positive they are Braxton Hicks. After doing some research it's completely normal, but I also felt like I had a UTI as well. I sent an email to a nurse and doctor asking about an antibiotic I could take for the UTI and also mentioned the contractions. Little did I know they go hand and hand, which can explain part of my preterm labor with Calvin because I had a UTI pretty much my whole 3rd trimester.

So they were a little concerned and wanted me to come out as soon as possible for a checkup. We had planned a mid way appointment but were trying to figure out the details of the trip as our supervisor is moving and there's a lot of work stuff to be done, and we'd like to spend time with them too because we'll miss them tremendously. I really wanted to head out once my antibiotic was finished but I was overruled. So I leave either Sunday or Monday.

Calvin's also accompanying me so he can see the surgeon about a little operation he's going to have come fall. This will be a first for me to travel internationally without any help; I've traveled twice alone with Calvin but not internationally. Thank goodness that people here are very helpful with children and we've done this trip many times I know where I'm going and can direct a taxi. It should be an adventure. I'm not looking forward to the going as much as the coming back. Getting through customs is a bit of a zoo, especially with a small child. You're literally pushed through the line when they see you have a child. It's nice but also a little crazy too. (But that's another post in itself.)

I really bounce back between being worried, afraid, feeling this trip is a little silly, and completely calm about everything at the same time. It will be good to see a real doctor and we hope to find out if we'll have another little boy running around our home or a little girl. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Oh and did I mention Calvin's doing great potty training, it's much easier when you can just pull down you child's pants in public and go when he has the urge. Haven't quite figured out how we'll do the airport since they have a squatty potty. Any suggestions? (Below is a squatty potty, the type you'll find in most public places here.)

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