Sunday, May 16, 2010

Macgyver Skills

What would we do without google? Seriously when I have a question I usually ask google. For example, this winter when the olympics were on and all they were showing in this country was curling, a quick google search gave us a better understanding of what they were doing.
Well google and you tube came to our rescue last week. It was bedtime and Calvin didn't take it so well, he insisted that he already went to sleep that day. His arguement was pretty good but obviously wasn't winning the battle, so he ran into the kitchen and closed the door and locked it. Of course he couldn't get it unlocked, and the hinges were on his side of the door. Thanks to you tube and a pair of tweezers we now know how to pick a lock. We never thought we'd have a need for that skill!

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Amanda said...

We had that happen at our house once. John had to take a couch (we didn't have a ladder or internet!) stand it up on it's end and climb up it through the window. Sheesh!