Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh the Drama

....over a bandaid.
Can you believe it, Calvin's never had a need for a band aid before? Sure we had a few scraped knees last summer but nothing major. Well last week Calvin was playing with Marvin's tape measurer and it gave him a little cut on his finger, nothing major, so we broke out the bandaids.

Now this band aid was a bigger deal than the actual cut. He was so excited about his Diego band aid. The drama began as he went to bed, he started picking at the band aid and eventually it came off, having a tired boy amplified the situation. He would not let it go, so I caved and got him another one, which he again tried to take off, thankfully he fell asleep. But first thing in the morning we had a highly distraught little boy pouring tears over his band aid that was now stuck together and not on his finger. Now there's not much reasoning to be had with a grumpy determined 2 year old. He was determined enough to figure out how to open it up again and for the rest of the day his beloved band aid was rotated from finger to finger.
Since then we've had many learning lessons about what warrants a band aid, and that little stinker even tried to hurt his finger again with the tape measurer just to get another one, thankfully he was unsuccessful. He did have another band aid incident this past week and thankfully we escaped with only one, and a little less drama.

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Leigh Ann said...

I can believe it. It's the bandaid-stage at your house;)