Thursday, May 06, 2010

Just want to bottle it up

Marvin and I were talking about all the things we just love hearing Calvin say recently. He's at that age where he's just so stinkin cute when he talks. Sometimes I just wish Calvin would always say oops like "ewwps" and "well-woh" for yellow. But then Marvin reminded me that he's glad he won't because he'd be picked on tremendously. But I do want to bottle them up and remember them forever.

He's also become quite observant and has a memory like none other. We have to be sure we are serious about our promises or else we hear something like, "memer (remember), I go outside today. Here are a few things he said recently that have made us smile.

Marvin was leaving for work one morning this week and as he was about to walk out the door Calvin said, "Hold on Dadda get trash." Marvin usually takes the trash out each morning when he heads to the office and this particular morning he forgot, so glad we have a cute little reminder and I no longer have to remind Marvin when he forgets. Thanks buddy.

This week Calvin and I went to the grocery store and during language the only sweets I had in the house were Calvin's potty reward M&Ms, so of course I had to serve them because it would have been rude not to. After he saw I was giving away his M&Ms I told him we were going to the store later so we could buy some new ones. Unfortunately I only brought a certain amount of money with me and as I was mentally calculating how much I was spending I realized I was cutting it close and still had to pay for a taxi home, so I didn't buy the M&Ms. Before we got to the cash register I warned him that I didn't have enough money to buy M&Ms today, he was a little disappointed but since I was buying him a juice box he didn't seem to mind too much. Then yesterday while we were cleaning up the house he found a coin, worth about 3 cents, he came running up to me and said, "Mama have money, put my shoes on and go buy M&Ms." What a stinker, when I told him that wasn't enough money to buy M&Ms he looked at me like I was crazy. Then again today we were playing play dough and he brought up the M&Ms again only this time he pointed out that "Dada has money."

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