Thursday, May 27, 2010

good stuff

You know what was the best Mother's Day present?

Being finished with morning sickness!!! We splurged and bought a kilo of strawberries and celebrated with strawberry shortcake. Of course I had to teach Calvin the proper way to eat strawberry shortcake, drenched in cream, yum. Of course he loved it! I'm pretty sure you have to grow up eating it this way, Marvin hasn't yet embraced the cream soaked shortcake.
You know what else is amazing, chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. They don't contain any eggs so they are completly safe to eat, but oh my were these things rich. If you make them add a bit of salt to the dough, maybe 1/2 t., it tastes much better. I'd also add a step after the chilling process is finished. I recommend freezing the cookie dough balls after they have been formed before dipping them in chocolate. It will add some more time, but you'll end up with a prettier truffle and it will be much easier to dip.

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