Tuesday, June 01, 2010

One Ticket

We'll I survived my first international travel flight alone with a child and it wasn't too bad, but I'd much rather do it with help. Only on Nineveh Air is it possible for a 2 ½ year old to be a lap child, but at least his ticket was free. Of course he was a lap child without a lap belt, pretty sure those weren't invented when this specific airplane was made. It was a cozy flight, I'm so glad my belly isn't any bigger, because the person's seat in front of us was broken and only reclined, but we had a seat and we were able to fly. One other blessing was that the flight was filled with women, which meant that the waiting area and the plane weren't smoky!!! No smoking signs don't apply to bathrooms, in our part of the world.

It's also one of the few airlines that travel with their own "engineers". We had to wait on everyone to get off the plane so I could go to the back of the plane and get our stroller, since we boarded through the back of the plane. As soon as all the people got off the "engineers" put on their orange vests and grabbed their flashlights and went to work. I'm glad they make sure everything was working before they took off.

Calvin's been a great traveler and has been having fun at the "ABC house". He hasn't forgotten the apartment we stayed at when we were here for our visa run. In fact he remembers everything, as we were turning in the apartment complex when we arrived from the airport, and he was so excited to go play on the playground. I had to remind him we still had to take our bags to the apartment, he was slightly disappointed. He's also very busy retelling things we did the last time we were here, I can only imagine the stories he'll tell when we come to have the baby this fall.

I was able to see the doctor on Monday and the baby is continuing to grow! It was encouraging to hear that because I woke up on Monday after the oddest dream about a doctor's appointment where they did a sonogram but they couldn't tell me what the gender the baby was because the baby was wearing pajamas. In my dream they told me that I must have swallowed a pair of pjs, I of course insisted that I didn't, but they told me I'd have to wait till the baby was born to find out the gender, and they hoped that the pajamas didn't cut off the babies circulation to its hands and feet. They couldn't tell me if the baby would be born with hands and feet yet, due to the pajamas. It was very odd. So I was relieved to get a picture of this, and no I didn't tell the doctor about my strange dream.

We also learned what we're having, but I'll save that for another post!

The best news of all was that there was no sign of preterm labor. I'll get the last of my lab results back on Thursday and we'll see where we go from here. The doctor must release me to go back home, so I'm hoping that this stay will be brief and we can travel back home on Sunday, granted there is a seat available on that flight.

With this pregnancy I have a lot more fears. I try not to let my mind go there but it's quite terrifying wondering what might happen if I do go into labor early again, only not in a place with great medical care. So I've just been paying a little more attention to my body and trying not to worry over every little ache and of course pouring prayer over this little thing. I know many of you have been too, it means the world to us!


Sherry said...

Erica Dawn, you've got to share what it is!!! So glad everything looks great. Been thinking of you! Love you!

Em said...

Oooh, I can't wait to find out what you're having!! We're finding out tomorrow morning. We're so excited! I'm so glad you had a healthy report!