Saturday, June 05, 2010

Too close not to stop

Calvin had a doctor's appointment at the hospital where he will have a minor operation when we come to have the baby this fall. It was great to talk about logistics with the doctor and see the hospital. This particular hospital is a good taxi ride away from the apartment we are staying in, and very close to IKEA. So since I have been craving a hot dog, I thought it would be perfect to run over to IKEA for lunch and of course take some time to play and shop while we were there.

I'm not the only one in our family who loves IKEA, Calvin had a blast. Of course it is so much more enjoyable because they have brilliantly laid out their store so that it's child friendly. We made it out of the store with a few necessary items like dry erase markers, and Ziploc bags, but a couple fun ones too. It's just refreshing knowing if you buy a toy there it won't break the next day. It 's was sort of funny to look around at the things in the children's section and see so many things that live at our house now. What can I say, we're loyal customers!

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