Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rant.....then swallow

So I have this thing against technology and children's toys. I DESPISE toys that require batteries! Most of the time they are so annoying you just want the batteries to die, but really where's the play when all your animals make their own sounds? Coming from an early childhood background I've seen so often how play just stops with these types of toys. I honestly feel like kids learn best through exploring their world with their own hands through play.

With that said, we do live in the age of ipods, ipads, laptops, etc. and it's important for kids to be familiar with them. I recently had this discussion with a friend, who is all about reading books to their baby on the way on a Kindle. (It will be interesting to see if this view changes once he becomes a parent.) Now the funny part was when Calvin brought me our calculator the other day and said, "Read this book Mommy." Our friend was very pleased at our little techno savvy little man.

I also said I'd never EVER own a leap pad, leapster, whatever they are. Well guess what someone gave us one and guess who loves it? I'll give you a hint, he's a blond little boy. But you know what made this mama's heart so happy? Was when he decided to add some "guitar action" with the music! That's my guy. Guess I better watch what I say from now on.

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