Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Out numbered

We made it to the half way point, 20 weeks!!!! It's fun to think that we'll get to meet this little one in only a few short months. Some days that fact overwhelms me, but most days it is fun to think of life as a family of 4!

When we got married Marvin's side of the family was filled with boys, he has 4 brothers and not many cousins with two X chromosomes. I told him that I didn't think we'd ever have a girl, in fact I seriously thought it was impossible! Then his brother had 3 precious little girls, that we miss tremendously! It gave me hope. I will admit that when we were told early on that we may be having a girl I was excited, but a little sad Calvin wouldn't have a little brother to pal around with, I've grown to love being a mom to a little boy. Then our next ultra sound told us we were having a boy, we were just confused.

We had a very compliant little baby this last week for my ultrasound and turns out I'm going to be out numbered in our house, another little boy! We're thrilled!

I am already dreaming projects for this little one. I want to update our stroller. This is our stroller.
But ours has an extra easier to remove pad over the seat part, that I want to recover, to give it more personality. Which one would you choose?
Ta Dots?
Teeny Tiny Zoo Pool?
I need to order one of these soon so I can get the fabric and finish this project before we head out to have this baby. (Living in a place where it takes a month to get a package takes some planning!)
Thanks for the help and sharing in our excitement!


Sherry said...

YEAH!!! So excited for you guys!!

Can you do a little of both? I think they compliment each other and would look super cute together!

Susan said...

Steinfort girls say "Teeny Tiny Zoo Pool"! Yea for another cousin...Double yea for another boy cousin!!

Becky said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! As a mother of three boys (and one of those cousins of Marvin's who happens to have two X chromosomes!), I know the feeling of being outnumbered. That being said, I also LOVE being the mom of our busy little guys! As far as the fabric goes, I love the zoo one, but I'm wondering about it showing more spills since it has a white background. (Maybe you don't let your kids have a sippy cup or snacks in the stroller, in which case this argument would be irrelevant.) Anyway, for that reason, I'd probably go with the dots. :0)

Elizabeth said...

I like the Teeny Tiny Zoo Pool!

Sharon (one of Marvin's favorite fifth grade teachers!) said...

Congratulations, first of all! As for the fabric, I vote with Sherry......a little of both would be fun.

Priscilla said...

Grateful for God's gift in another little boy. Praying for good health all around.