Friday, January 30, 2015

January Projects

So I’ve had this monster project list for a long time, and honestly I was a bit overwhelmed by it.  So decided to choose a few each month and tackle them, rather than push it aside and never accomplish anything.  Marvin took the older boys to Istanbul a couple weekends ago and I took advantage of some quiet and extra time I had and went to work.

In August I spray painted a few frames white, but they needed some touch ups and after our move I just never finished it.  I needed to go get some prints printed for the frames and managed to get all this done and hung.  I am so glad that they are on the walls and no longer in my craft trunk.  I love that I have a little bit of my Grandma T's art on my wall and I found this pyrex print that reminded me of my other Grandmother.  There have been many times I wished both of them could have stepped foot into my kitchen on this side of the world, since I've treasured the times I've been in theirs.

I’ve had great ambitions to take some sheets I had that were ripped, and create a bed skirts for the boys beds.  I am so thankful that they are out of my project bin and it covers all the suitcases that store clothing that is to be grown into by someone under their beds.

Now what I am most excited about is this bean bag that houses stuffed animals.  It zips so Judah can’t easily dump them all over their room, which has helped keep their room cleaned up significantly.

Lastly, I had some left over batting that was taking up precious storage space so I turned them into a few pillows for the boys.  Micah was pretty excited about his M pillow that he wanted to be sure to be included in the picture.

So it feels good that my to do list now has a few more things scratched off of it.  We'll see what gets crossed off in February.

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