Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year........New Goals

How is it possible that it is 2015?  Crazy!

I always start the year with lots of goals, lots of ideas of things I want to accomplish.  There is something about starting the year off with a plan.  Last year I felt pretty uncertain of where we would be living it was hard to strategize and create a game plan for the year.  But this year we are looking forward to a year of less travel.

Here are a few of mine..............
I have high language goals set.
Rise early and journal this year.
Continue to exercise throughout this allowed.
Take more photos of the boys.
Read more to the boys.
Go to the park more often, now that Judah's down to one nap a day! :)
Do weekly art projects with the big boys.
Find a babysitter once a month for a date with my honey.
In July start running again.....and lose baby weight again.
Start memorizing Ephesians.

Here's to a great 2015

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