Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Judah at One

yes Judah's been one for a while but I really don't want to forget this season in his life just because I never took time to blog about it.
So at One Year............
You are a sweet little baby Judah.  You love to snuggle, but will fall asleep on your own in your crib.  However I've tried to take soak up each time you've fallen asleep in my arms.

You love your brothers, you love following them around, and you love to jump on them when they are laying down.

You love buttons exactly.......and my cell phone.........and your own belly button.

You are beginning to get very curious and have this onhery look about you.

You love to go on walks outside, and will go to the door when I say the word.  You are pretty facinated by the birds.  I love how the wind makes you squint.

You are very into pointing and if something is very exciting you tend to gasp and say "Oooooo".

Smiling is your favorite and are generally pretty happy and will still let most people hold you if I'm near.

You love cars and balls.

You love to eat, you are crazy about bananas, cheese, noodles, broccoli, zucchini and most fruit.  You do not care at all for meat of any type, milk or rice.

You have 6 teeth.  Weigh in at 22lbs and are such a delight.

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