Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas 2014

Our December was packed.  The month disappeared before I knew it.

Thankfully our older boys were very excited about decorating for Christmas so I caved in and we put the tree up earlier than I planned.  They were bouncing off the walls.  The loved decorating the tree and put all the ornaments on theirselves.  Of course Judah rearranged most of them, but they did a good job about putting the breakable ones on top.

A friend of ours gave us a chocolate advent calendar this year, so it helped get excited because they were very much looking forward to having a chocolate every day until Christmas.  Thank you so much D&A!

Marvin built a new Jesse Tree.  Our old one got moldy from storing it.  I love the new one, he did a great job.

We had fun going through the stories leading up to the birth of Christ again.  It's always fun to trek through the lineage of Christ seeing how his coming is weaved through scripture.

Christmas day was loaded with Skype calls with family.  The boys enjoyed opening presents.

We had omlets and cinnamon rolls to start the day and I'm pretty sure Judah was the only one who ate a real lunch that day.  Sugar for lunch...I guess it is one of the Elves major food groups.  :)
I made a ham and sweet potatoes for dinner.  Such the perfect Christmas's so easy...and I'm thankful for the special treats like sweet potatoes, we can sometimes find in a city an 1 1/2 away.

I was able to catch up on some housework and laundry while the boys were entertained with new toys all day, and Marvin was able to relax and watch some football.

We ended the day taking cookies to our neighbors then all went to bed early. We hope your Christmas was filled with lots of special memories.

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