Thursday, January 08, 2015

New Year's Program

We let Calvin skip school on Christmas day since his break didn't start until the 30th, but he had to return to school on Friday.

His class had been working on their New Year's performance for a while.  Calvin was given the role of a baby bear and had to recite a poem about a baby bear who didn't want to sleep on Christmas day but wanted to celebrate instead.  he did a very good job.

Performing is so embedded in this culture.  Every child had a poem they had to say in front of the class, I guess if you start early stage fright and fear of public speaking is a non issue?!?!  maybe?

His class did a good job, and I am always so impressed at how the teach coordinates all of it.  They even had a group do a special dance they practiced at the beginning.

This year he knew more of the local New Year's characters than I did.  It's fun to hear him talk about them like everyone knows about them.

They had a time where the kids could dance to local music and I was so proud to see him get right in there and do it.  I am so thankful for his school and that they have fun things like local dance class as a part of their education.

Of course the highlight for him was the huge box of candy he got at the end.

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