Friday, January 09, 2015

Crazy 2014

2014 was just a weird year for our family.

We came back overseas after some time in the states and honestly didn't know if we would be allowed back into the country.  Shortly after returning we were told we had to leave and apply for new visas.
We have spent time in 4 different countries.
Lived in 8 different places.
I have flown on 20 different flights this year, all of them with children.  That number is much higher for Marvin.

So to sum up the year stability has not been a part of it.  I am thankful that the Lord had helped us through lots of uncertainty and that we are still in Nineveh, despite politics between our countries at the moment.

It's been a year of flexibility, a year of making the most out of our opportunities and our days in our current city.  It's been about getting to know lots of new people, being vulnerable and asking deeper questions with friends.  It's been busy, fast paced, and our boys have grown like weeds.

And I can't believe it's already over.  Glad we have a few photos of this crazy year.

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