Sunday, January 04, 2015

Fall Party Fun

Judah and I were in Istanbul the end of October, and our friends graciously agreed to postpone any fall party plans until we got back.  I am so glad because I was so excited to dress Judah up. 

The older boys of course have their own ideas of who they wanted to be, long gone are our days of group costumes.  They prefer superheros at this stage....and if I'm honest pulling out a costume we already own out of the costume box doesn't create any work for me.  WIN for all.

Calvin wanted to be a spy.  He had fun collecting all his spy gear in his bag.

Micah is very into ninja turtles these days and our ninja turtle costume is just his size.

From the moment I saw this costume on pinterest I knew it was perfect for Judah.  He's the old man on the movie up.  I planned on making him a little cane, but after talking to several people at the market knew I was about to embark on a goose chase for the proper parts needed to construct it out of pvc pipe, and decided to abandon that component of the costume.  He was pretty cute without it.

Marvin and I went as Popeye the Sailor man and Olive oil

and even sweet pea got in the picture.....due on my birthday in June!

The boys were bouncing off the walls, had a good time dressing up and enjoyed a few games.  I am glad that we were able to be a part of it this year.  It's fun to be able to create fun memories for our kids.

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So fun!