Monday, August 08, 2011

The second time around

I'm so thankful we live where we live. I've only been rafting in this country, and was thrilled to get to go again. As we were going down this river it was absolutely beautiful. I wish I had photos, sadly the only one I have is this one Marvin grabbed of the river just a short ways away from the camp we stayed at.

So here's a little summary of this rafting experience.

Our guide arrived to pick us up in this old, old station wagon, and half of us squeezed in. He drops us off with the rafts and gear and someone goes to pick up the second raft full of people.

Our rafts were these old catamarans held together with wood and banana shaped tubes for the floating part. (One of them was pretty flat by the end; thankfully I was in the nicer of the two.)

We were given some wet suit shorts to wear and then he looked at our shoes and if anyone had shoes that stayed on they could wear them, if not you were instructed to wear a pair of these with a string tied on to make sure they stayed on your feet. Thankfully mine were okay.

Then we were given helmets, however when the second group arrived we were short two helmets. We let the minors have the helmets which meant I was helmet less. I'll also add that one of these helmets was a motorcycle helmet.

During this time our guides were airing up our rafts using a tube and air from their own lungs.

A couple of the girls didn't swim, but the guide told them it was okay because he didn't either. NICE.

He gave us a few instructions on how to rescue someone if they fell in. How to paddle, etc.

Then he read us a poem.

We put the rafts in and were off.

The water was freezing. I was on the front so braced for the freezing water to come overboard as we hit each rapid. Once my foot went numb it was more enjoyable.

It wasn't too exciting but the most exciting thing was that the girl behind me, one of the two who didn't know how to swim, fell out and was hanging on the side of the raft.

For the next 5 minutes we tried to get a girl was most definitely scared to help us pull her back on the raft. So rather than enjoy the rapid part I was trying to pull her back in the. Thankfully we finally got her in the boat. She held on tight the rest of the trip.

It was just nice to get out and enjoy the open air. I was so amazed at how magnificent his creation is. I hope to do it again in the future.

A little caveat…..I almost didn't post this, because our friends who live just a few hours away lost a dear friend who they worked with often this past weekend in a river rescue. Even though I've never met this man personally I've often prayed for him. It has reminded us of the brevity of life and given us a new urgency for our friends and those who haven't even met. Thanks friends.


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