Monday, August 29, 2011


Calvin's been adding a few more features to the people he's drawing. I think they look like little monkeys. Totally adorable. This one he even drew with "a lot, a lot of hair."

We've had more fall weather than end of summer weather recently. It's been nice, but strange at the same time. We seriously only had a couple weeks of hot weather this summer, don't hate us.

I've been doing lots of canning since it's been so cool. So far this year I've made strawberry jam, plum jam, blackberry jam, and canned 20 kilos of tomatoes. I'm hoping to get one more batch of tomatoes done and some applesauce this year and I might squeeze one more batch of plum jam in since I have one more box of sure jell left.

I've been obsessed with this jam. Oh good gravy, it's delicious. It's spectacular over waffles.

Marvin bought me a waffle maker for our anniversary. I may just be one of these strange women but I don't mind getting stuff like this as a gift. I've been wanting one for a while, but only wanted to buy one that you could remove the plates. I was so excited when I actually found one, but he beat me to the purchase. He's sweet like that.

Marvin went out on a bike ride with one of our teammates and he's been drooling over bikes during the evening. We had planned on purchasing one next year and he can't wait for next spring. Too bad they are so expensive here (well at least the ones he would love to buy).

I was at a little store that sells office supplies and snatched up some finger paints. Can you believe that I've NEVER done this with Calvin before? He was in heaven, but told me later he really likes to paint with brushes.

A new little playground opened up near our favorite park. It's amazing, like a real playground with the padded landings and everything. Unfortunately you have to pay to play there, $3.50/child, not bad but still not something we can do every day.

Our little Spiderman is the perfect height to explore our washing machine and he can open it without any problem. Which means anytime I have clothes in there he loves to help take them out. He also tends to pinch his fingers, a lot. So I found a child safety latch the other day that would work, and wouldn't you know that little bugger figured out how to open it, without batting an eye, in record time.

Micah caught his first cold. I'm thankful he's been a healthy little guy. I'm also thankful for this. Gross, I know but it works. (I still have to hold him down, but it's a MUCH faster process.)

What's been going on in your world?

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