Sunday, August 07, 2011

More sleep please

I think it's time to once again showcase some of the places Calvin's fallen asleep recently.

After a full day at the park, and tromping around the European side of Istanbul, he just couldn't make it home without falling asleep on the empty ferry.

Sitting in Marvin's lap during our evening family worship time.

One day he was extra whiney as I was preparing dinner so I sent him to his room until dinner was ready, 15 minutes later I called him to dinner and no answer.  I found one tuckered out cowboy. 

He takes a nap some days and some days he doesn't.  It's a tricky thing because if he does nap it's 10 p.m. before he's tired which when we have homework doesn't work so well, but it's great if we have evening plans because he has plenty of energy for the evening. 

This particular day he wanted to help me with some housework, so I told him I planned to fold the diapers and would be in my room in a minute.  Maybe 2 minutes later I found an exhausted little boy who had tied himself up with his favorite "rope". 


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